About us

The Men of Honour Consortium is an Unincorporated Association founded in 2016 by a group of accomplished professionals from Nigeria community dedicated to fostering strong relationships among themselves based on a strong ethos underpinned by the three main principles of brotherhood, business, and charity.

Our History

Leading up to the wedding of one of the founding members, while sharing their passions, aspirations, and ideas on what it takes to have a successful marriage, it became apparent that they had a lot in common. This led to the realisation that coming together as a group and creating a forum to equip men to become good members of the society stemming from strong family units, fostering brotherhood, sharing ideas about business and engaging in charitable activities. From this initial realisation and discussions, the first formal meeting was held. Thus, MOHC was born, officially starting on the 27th of February 2016.


Our Vision

Creating a lasting bond of friendship, creating positive impact among ourselves and in our community guided by a strong ethos founded on building brotherhood, exploring business ideas, and doing charitable work.

Our Objectives

How We Operate

As an Unincorporated Association, MOHC was set up by the agreement of a group of like-minded professionals. Currently twenty-four we are governed by a constitution, run in a democratic style, and general meetings are held every six weeks where we meet over breakfast. Members pay an annual fee, we hold a yearly family Summer Barbecue, go away on bonding retreats, and currently organise or collaborate in several Charitable events each year impacting local communities in the United Kingdom as well as communities and other groups globally.


MoHC is run by a leadership team made of executives elected to their positions for a two-year term: